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Website: RYL Warfare - Get ready for the ancient warfare
Forums : RYL Warfare • Index page
Client : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Full patch : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Server Location: Dedicated USA Host
Server rate : High( No arena Zergs, and it will not be boring because you will have many things to do)

Recent updates. V1033

1. Add new teleports to cz/vit and save points
2. Add new rings and necklace upgrade system
3. All socks will be converted into broken moons that can be upgraded by vouchers which you will obtain them from boss drops, or completing a quest.
4. Added around 30 new(written from scratch) challenging and fun quests which will reward you some mysterious helmets with a unique defense calculation, new graphics and vouchers for rings,necklaces and broken moon enhancements. Look for Phantom Mask, Talib and The Boss Slayer.
5. Adding new bosses, new mobs for quests
6. Fix DC problems when changing maps
7. Plan to add new emotions
8. Stacking skills will be much harder and also this will reduce overpowered issues.
9. Adding new awesome arm textures for akkan side.
10. A new game interface with new graphics will be added as well.
11. Castles graphics will be updated Very Happy
12. Attacker's energy absorb boosted
13. Added new textures for humans swords,axe,blunts,bows,crossbows and shields.
14. Added new textures for all officiator weapons
15. Fix some messed up weapons.
16. Kept NPC's such as Tonic merchants and Ultimate armor blackmarkets in WK/AK.
17. New donation items will be released.
18. Vitory and Clazhuz has been modified and it has a beautiful scenery now and wider space best for PVP.
19. Skill stacking has been finally fix
20. New motions for many classes
21. Many more surprises coming up, prepare for a world new world of RYL1

Some spoilers Very Happy

Here is some guides made by our players for one of the quest's.
Take a look : RYL Warfare • View topic - The New Helm Quests, Stats,and Walkthrough


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