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Guilde[How to put Images on the forum?] Empty Guilde[How to put Images on the forum?]

Post  Liana on Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:39 am

his Guide explains

1:How to upload it and post it on the site
2:How to make it so, so you can read the stats good
3:How to send GM03 or GM017 a pm with picture


1:Okey how do you get a image online on this forum.

first upload your image somewhere online the follow sites can help you whit it:

i show you how to work whit imageschack
use browse to search your image what you whant to upload.

i say press on the resize button and resize it around
320x240 to keep the forum intact and put thumbnail off.

Then press upload.
The next screen comes find the Forum code and copy paste it in forum and you are done.

Then you have it on forum

2:Help cant read the stats what you need to do

I saw that its still hard to read your stats.

Now i have this

its hard to read what i do is i cut the things off what i dont need i only need stats and your name for prove use paint or something to cut it out.

i think its better to to put something in your ss what only can be found in this server like a text msg or a NPC i have plats in invertory not much servers have it.
now you can see the stats.

3:Help how do i send a picture to Staf Serve or GM03

First of all you need to have uploaded the picture like what whe did in the first part but now you take the Direct link code and copy it.

Then tell him what happend and put the link what you have copyed in the msg.

Thats all now you need to wait.


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