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Post  Admin on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:38 pm

All published by the administrator's post with the following content or references will be filtered or deleted:

1 / breach of public order and morals or the content objectionable,

2 / includes insults, defamation, racism, xenophobia, revisionist, or detrimental to the reputation of others of the content,

3 / incite a person or certain groups of origin, race, ethnicity, class, religious hatred, discrimination, or to carry out the threat,

4 / SMS language or with no connection with the subject or topic being discussed with the independent. (Flood)


- To post advertisements or harassment of other users will receive severe punishment (warning or even expulsion)

- Offensive, controversial, offensive picture or personal signature, the administrator group, or elders, will be mandatory for authors to delete and replace.

- Also prohibited to make money here, published games, making money website or Paypal code, and more links.

- Due to workload constraints, the administrator can not always see all the posts, so if you find any improper or other unhealthy content of posts, please notify the administrator a private message form.

- No user may solicit / advertise another server. Comments that degrade the server or any member of staff are also prohibited.

- Attempting to impersonate a member of staff is strictly prohibited.

- All inappropriate, libelous, defamatory, illegal or pornographic content will not notice Posted person shall be immediately removed the case. We also remind you that verbal abuse, insults and vulgar language in this forum is prohibited. All abusive text will be processed immediately, Posted others will also undertake the corresponding consequences. We, Warfare management team, hope that this forum can have and maintain a harmonious, friendly, healthy atmosphere for discussion. Different point of view is inevitable, but it must be expressed in a calm manner.

Thank you for participating in our forums!


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